Digital Engineering


What is the


Digital Engineering is supposed to make things simple. It is also supposed to save time and money.

Unfortunately, what has been created instead are a lot of silos – individual systems that each perform useful functions in their own environment, but impede effective collaboration.

The Keyframe


Keyframe delivers a unique solution that brings existing Digital Engineering technologies together, breaking down silos and integrating the capabilities you need to do your work effectively. Most importantly, Keyframe is a web-based solution that you can use in the office or on-site. You can, therefore, leverage leading capabilities designed to help you proactively manage risks and issues, so you can reduce costs and meet schedule pressures. You can find out more about Keyframe in the link below!

What is Keyframe?

Keyframe lets you address critical project management disconnects by delivering:

3D views of your project that help in day-to-day decision making

A suite of smart compliance solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs

An easy to use, web-based solution that you can access in your offices or on-site

Why Keyframe?

make better decisions

Make the technology
work for you


better decisions

SCAI Group has developed the innovative Keyframe application to support you to make better-informed decisions. In addition to providing the advanced Keyframe software, SCAI Group can also deliver expert advice and support. These services are supplied by our expert team, who can:

More information on the SCAI Group services is provided at the following link.

Leverage the value of data

Use Keyframe to integrate essential DE data to improve decision-making.

Get advice from us

We deliver practical advice on using Keyframe to improve project outcomes.

Make the technology

work for you

SCAI Group is a unique organisation established to address the practical Digital Engineering, logistics, and management problems confronting you. Our experienced team is focused on helping you achieve success in your projects and tasks by making the technology truly work for you. Because Keyframe is specifically created to meet your real-world objectives, we can deliver low-risk, highly effective solutions, which can help you manage projects and related construction-industry tasks.

Find out more about our approach to delivering high-quality services below.

Accessing the geospatial files you need

To help you access the geospatial models that you need to provide context for your Digital Engineering, we are forming strong relationships with leading suppliers.  For more information on this important capability, click on the following link.