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Digital Engineering


Keyframe can help you integrate 3D Building Information Models (BIM), LiDAR data, terrain information and Geographic Information System (GIS) data with other important project data, such as drawings and specifications. The platform brings together your design models and links them into the context of the area surrounding your operations. This capability enables you to identify problems and address them effectively. Additionally, Keyframe can integrate other complex data that includes asset registers, design documents and much more. These integrated datasets can make decision making much simpler and save you and your team time and money.

We’ll help you settle in

Although Keyframe is being developed to simplify this integration, some aspects of the data can be quite complex. Therefore, we offer services to assist you and your organisation to simplify the implementation and reap the full benefits that can be delivered by Keyframe. These services include the following:

Each of these services are also delivered in line with SCAI Group’s Service Charter. You can also find out about pricing and detailed implementation issues by contacting us.

Keyframe Service Model

The KSM includes a range of services that are specifically designed to help you achieve your Digital Engineering, Asset Information Management and Project Integration Management goals effectively. These services include:

Our team of highly experienced Concierges can deliver these important and time-saving services. Each Concierge has proven expertise, and they can apply years of hands-on know-how. Their skills can help you get the best outcomes from your Digital Engineering and Asset Information Management systems. Engaging our Concierges can save money and help to ensure that your deliverables are compliant with the requirements.

Keyframe Environment Tailoring

Keyframe is an evolving product that is being developed to meet an ever-expanding set of real-world demands. However, we are also aware that there can be no ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ solution that will meet every organisation’s needs. Consequently, SCAI Group also provides a tailoring service that allows specific functionality to be built into the Keyframe application.

When an organisation approaches us to implement an enhancement for them, our expert technical and design team will work with their users to identify the best solution to meet their needs. A development plan and clear costs for the integration of the functionality will then be provided, so the client has a concise view of the scope, costs and timeframe. This approach gives our clients transparency and control. Once the project is agreed, our team will develop the functionality using Agile techniques that closely engage the client at all key times. Implementing this Agile approach helps to ensure that the right functionality is developed quickly, and meets the client’s real needs. The tailored functionality will then be delivered. Additionally, where it is needed, the client’s team can be trained to make the best use of the new Keyframe capabilities, so that the productivity gains can be realised.

The process discussed above helps to ensure that Keyframe can meet your evolving needs and assist you to reduce risks, while also saving time and money.

The Data Marketplace

There are massive amounts of geospatial data available. These datasets can be incredibly useful for putting projects into context and their use can help control risks, costs, and time. Unfortunately, accessing and integrating this data can be time-consuming and costly.

SCAI Group are evolving Keyframe to help overcome this problem, so you can readily access the datasets that you need to rapidly build geospatial context around your construction models. We have relationships with advanced data partners, so you can order your data from the supplier. For more information on our partners, please click on the following link.