Keyframe for

building projects

Building construction jobs are often high-pressure projects, and mistakes can be very costly. You need the right information to make the right decisions. Keyframe can deliver the right information to you.


Keyframe supports the integration of multiple layers of architectural drawings within an easy-to-use 3D environment. This platform allows problems to be identified so you can rectify these issues before they become costly. 

A BIM in a standard application

Standard BIM tools do not provide critical information about the site surrounds. This type of information is often needed to help in your decision making.

The same BIM in Keyframe

Keyframe accurately positions your BIM in a detailed 3D environment, so you can make good decisions based on information about the surrounding area.

Assess site problems


Keyframe can integrate Building Information Models (BIM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files into a common data environment. This allows the area surrounding the project to be assessed more effectively so that site problems can be addressed much more proactively.


Keyframe can make it easier to manage assets and team collaboration to improve efficiency. You can learn more about the broader Keyframe capabilities at the following link.


Keyframe’s foundation is also built on a workflow management approach that aligns with the ISO19650 standards. In practical terms, this can make it much easier for you to achieve compliance with these widely mandated standards.

We’ll support you

every step of the way

To support teams to make the best use of Keyframe and their other Digital Engineering tools, we can provide a range of important services. Our experts can assist in ensuring that model standards are met and then help with the integration of tricky datasets where required. More information on these services is available at the following link.


for you &

your organisation

Keyframe can deliver a unique solution that is designed to meet your real-world construction needs. These capabilities include:

Save time and money

Keyframe’s ability to bring together your different architectural models and situate these within the broader environment can help you avoid problems. In practice, this can save time and money on the project.

ISO19650 standard compliant

Because Keyframe is being built around the ISO19650 standard, your team can use this system to help achieve compliance.

Make your job easier

By bringing together the visualisation of the design with many other asset and management capabilities, Keyframe can help make your job much easier.

Use keyframe anywhere

It also helps that Keyframe can be used on-site to assist your team members to complete their work more effectively.