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As we all know, many large infrastructure projects fail to deliver on-time and on-budget. Digital Engineering (DE) was supposed to help address these problems and improve efficiency. Unfortunately, the true goals of DE have not been realised. Instead, many separate and disconnected DE applications have been developed. Although each of these applications provides some useful capabilities, they effectively create information silos. These information silos mean that key insights and data are often not accessible by team members. This critical limitation often adds to the team burden. For instance, a lot of precious time is wasted addressing issues and answering information requests, which could readily be resolved if all authorised team members had access to the knowledge that they need.

The Keyframe


Keyframe addresses these issues by linking Building Information Models (BIM), As-builts (LiDAR), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Asset Information Management (AIM), project management, and financial management data into a single user-friendly integrated Common Data Environment (CDE). To learn more, click the following link.

Integrated data

As an example of this capability, Keyframe integrates multiple layers of BIM, GIS, LiDAR, and photogrammetry data to deliver a truly effective digital twin of the project.

Just as importantly, Keyframe not only links the information that is needed for effective decision making, it makes the data and knowledge available in innovative, user-friendly ways (as illustrated).

You can click on an item in the BIM and directly access different types of information related to the selected element. This information can include 2D CAD drawings, specifications, the Asset Register, contractual agreements, schedules, and many other types of documentation.

Everything you need to know at the click of a button

Keyframe users can access the information that they need by clicking on an element in the model. This means that you can avoid the DE silos and have the right information to make the best decision.


Additionally, because authorised team members can gain access to this material, Project Managers can focus on the important things, rather than losing time answering queries. By using Keyframe, the information that people need to do their job can be at their fingertips.


Keyframe is being designed to facilitate the implementation of ISO19650 through integrated collaboration and workflow processes. This means that your organisation can use Keyframe to effectively implement these widely mandated standards. At the same time, it can streamline your internal systems to save time and money. Additionally, the checks and balances built into ISO19650 can help manage diverse risks and assist your team to complete the project on-time and on-budget.

Delivering other important services

The Keyframe Service Model (KSM)

In addition to the provision of the Keyframe platform, we can also deliver experienced industry-focussed support. For example, we can help your team through the provision of detailed advice and our specialist Data Concierge services. This support can save you time and effort. More importantly, our team’s services can help you leverage the true power of DE.


 Learn more about the KSM via the following link.

Keyframe Environment Tailoring (KET)

We understand that effective DE is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different clients require customisations to the Keyframe platform to meet their specific needs. Where this is required, we can implement KET services to specifically tailor your Keyframe environment.


More information on the KET services is provided at this link below.


for you &

your organisation

Avoid costly problems

Keyframe’s ability to integrate many types of visual models can give project teams an unparalleled ability to leverage the benefits of digital twins. These capabilities can help your team avoid costly problems and manage engineering and implementation risks.

Achieve your project goals more effectively

Keyframe’s open and integrated architecture can support true integration of advanced visualisation, knowledge management, collaboration, and workflow management. This aggregation can deliver insights, which can help you achieve your project goals more effectively and efficiently.

support compliance

Because Keyframe is being developed to support the effective implementation of the ISO19650 standard, your organisation can leverage this platform to help achieve compliance.